Arjun – “Kabhi Kabhi” (Featuring Shivali & Natasha)

Hindi, UK Asian

Score: 5.9

It’s not that we don’t like “Kabhi Kabhi” – Arjun’s take on the old classic, heavily assisted by Shivali and Natasha. It’s just that we feel it could have been handled significantly better. Arjun isn’t someone who goes into things half-heartedly, but this time, the end result just doesn’t grab you. That, unfortunately, is down to the part the two ladies play – the male lead does his job, with a solid beat, sweet verses and the syrupy voice. Then, just when you want a rousing chorus, Shivali and Natasha don’t deliver with enough feeling, gusto or technical ability. It’s the sort of chorus any singer should be willing to die for, but they just don’t invest enough of themselves into it. Missed opportunity.


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