Rani – “Play This Game”

R&B, Soul, UK Asian

Score: 7.1

This is the debut effort from Rani, and it is a long time coming. Is it really worth the wait? Well, the most bizarre thing about this is the lack of confidence she displays on the vocals: it is truly perplexing, because if you watch the video from her own showcase (where she initially debuted the song), she sung it quite beautifully, and for some reason that hasn’t translated as well to the recording. Aside from that, you have a beautifully evocative instrumental from Arjun, a solid chorus and some catchy melodies. If you read that alone, you might be wondering why it has scored so highly – well, sometimes a track doesn’t have to be technically perfect to make you fall in love with it, just as the guy Rani is writing “Play This Game” about clearly had imperfections. We can’t really explain why this song is so damn catchy, nor why we love it so, but we really do. Sometimes, that’s just about enough.


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