Rani (Guest Editorial)


Rani, of Raine Records, pens a few choice words from her unique perspective…

New talent, new voices, new entertainment… This is what most music managers look for– someone with a voice/music that captures not only them, but listeners across the globe. That talent for me is Arjun. I met Arjun through MySpace almost 4 years ago: to this day, I am still not sure how I landed on his music page, however, I instantly fell in love with Arjun’s music.  I remember his audition in a tiny room with his guitar and was utterly mesmerised by his unique talent. The best thing about him: his modesty. He still remains humble even after hitting mainstream channels such as Kiss, Flava and AKA.

Discovering artists is easy, the industry is now saturated with them; however it’s hard trying to find real talent.  Wherever you look – Facebook, Twitter, Youtube – there are artists at various levels.  When I was looking for an artist, I not only wanted talent but someone with a personality, who would grow yet remain humble.

Although Arjun had been gigging at university for a while, our real musical journey began in 2008. The very first song we released under Raine Records was ‘Remember Tonight’ – that’s when Raine was born. As a manager, I never had experience in the music field – I was a singer-songwriter and somehow fell into managing – so starting my own record label was an amazing feeling, and also daunting.  With no funding and no business support, Raine has been built with pure musical love – which may sound cheesy but it’s true. There are already record labels in the Asian industry to compete with, although we have never looked at them as competition.  We have always kept an eye on our dreams and goals whilst watching other artists rising and making moves.

As a manager and working a 9-5 job, it’s been a tough journey so far, yet an enjoyable and memorable one.  It’s great to have an understanding artist, which means I have been able to also pursue one of my biggest dreams: being a singer-songwriter, which I had put on hold for many years.  Not only has Arjun believed in me as a manager but also an artist. ‘Play This Game’ (my debut single) is produced by him and I have other songs which I have been working on behind the scenes in preparation for 2012. Whilst I work on developing my own music, we’re also planning the next steps for Arjun’s music career. What I love the most about working with Arjun, is seeing his growth from day one and having the faith that he will continue rising. I want to see him in worldwide charts and I believe nothing is impossible if you put your heart and passion into something.

To sum up my musical journey as a manager and artist so far – nothing is unachievable when you have a great team, be that two of you or ten of you. It’s all about the dream, working at it together and regardless of the highs and lows you go through you make it work because that is what makes a great musical journey.



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