Siy – “Summertime”


Score: 10.0

Every now and then, an artist releases something so precious and stunning that it makes you realise they’ve simply perfected music – so really, there is no point carrying on. Siy is that guy. “Summertime” – filmed on location at South Shields Beach, no less – effectively means that music can only go downhill from now. We can merely presume that the beat was surely produced by David Guetta, with a percussive rhythm that will set speakers quite literally aflame. Siy delivers a tour de force, with his pitch perfect cadence, breath control, lyrical aptitude and sheer confidence on the microphone. As he says in the outro: “It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, fat, skinny, let’s get together and enjoy the weather.” This deep philosophical musing is the equivalent of encapsulating the DNA of mankind in a single grain of sand, and we now realise that Siy is the leader we’ve all yearned for. (Many thanks to S Sid Ahmed for alerting us).

PS – It seems we made a typo with the score, and it’s actually 1.0. Apologies.


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