Shizzio – “You’re A Star” (Featuring Tigerstyle & Nikitta)

Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, UK Asian

Score: 7.1

Although this doesn’t feel like a recent offering (we can’t carbon date it to find out either way), the old school 2008-feel to it works in the favour of “You’re A Star” – the latest, and deceptively strong, Shizzio release. The replay value is high, and the MC’s playful flow dances around the various elements of the incredibly melodic Tigerstyle instrumental. The near anti-chorus is so underplayed by Nikitta that it’s a genuine risk, but that works brilliantly too. Shizzio himself is out to impress, and although the lyrics seems at odds with the ancient Channel U-esque video, this is probably the best release he’s had in 2011 – possibly because it trades on feelings as opposed to anything more tangible. All in all, it’s a very strange number that you could listen to a hundred times and still not fully understand why you like it so, but sometimes that’s enough.


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