Smartz – “Inter Relations”

Hip Hop, Rap, Remix, UK Asian

Score: 8.2

Not, as some have thought, a song detailing the breakdown of Inter Milan’s relations with numerous managers since Jose Mourinho left – this Smartz number instead describes a courtship “between an Indian and a Muslim,” exploring the topic brilliantly. Aside from the fact that last time we checked, there are about 180 million Muslims here in India, we are willing to forgive his transgression, as this is certainly a track of quality with its heart firmly in the right place. Smartz is an MC that we admire: he has lyrics better than the vast majority of his contemporaries, his subject matter varies nicely, and although his vocals are occasionally a touch inconsistent, he’s clearly improving. Some of the lines are truly superb, and to be honest, our only misgiving is the use of the “Jaaneman” instrumental: why even go there? A song this good surely deserves its own beat, and to be declared a classic in its own right… Perhaps the most beautiful thing about “Inter Relations” is that Smartz refuses to judge: he just floats above the situation, depicting it with intricate detail, and although his delivery is just so emotional, he resists casting the first stone. That’s a sign of real greatness, right there.


2 thoughts on “Smartz – “Inter Relations”

  1. u dont need to be a critic if u cant make out what some one means in there songs …for instance indian and muslim thing .. !

    1. Even though we were being somewhat sarcastic, we still feel it is a fair point to make. For Smartz to say “an Indian and a Muslim” doesn’t make sense. India is a country, Islam is a religion. There are 180 million Muslims living in India. Obviously we know he means “a Sikh/Hindu and a Muslim” but sometimes it’s better to be a bit more clear. Thanks.

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