Serese – “Read My Lips”

Pop, R&B, UK Asian

Score: 5.2

Serese are a girl group that can actually sing well (which is a great start). They’ve been bubbling for a while, and “Read My Lips” is a single proper, accompanied by a decent enough video. As far as Serese go, despite their obvious talent, it’s clear that still require some refinement. This is a track that had great potential, but it’s lacking the finesse needed to make it remarkable. It’s reminiscent of Kazz Kumar’s “Dirty Word” but less bold, overcomplicated and oversung. Lyrically, the verses just try to cram too many words in, and the chorus is clever in concept but not much to really sing along too. As for the beat, it’s actually very good, but it seems to have been EQ’ed into submission in order to play second fiddle to the girls’ vocals. In the end, this is a solid attempt, but there are subtle deficiencies in the song-writing and mixing/mastering that make “Read My Lips” more of a missed opportunity. But make no mistake, they have the raw materials to eventually succeed, and let’s hope they do.


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