3MIX – “Nachle” (Featuring Navin Kundra)

Dance, Hindi, Pop, R&B, UK Asian

Score: 4.3

3MIX have had a buzz going for a while now, and “Nachle” sees them attempting a club anthem, with an assist from Navin Kundra. Unfortunately, you probably noticed the work “attempting” snuck in there, for this is a truly terrible stab at a song. The beat is average, and that’s probably – along with the chorus melody – the only saving grace. When it comes to the vocals, Navin Kundra sounds constipated, screaming “NACHLE!” as though he’s imploring his bowels to move. 3MIX – and this applies to all of them – cannot sing in tune. At all. Even the studio effects lathered onto their voices can’t save them, and make no mistake, they need to improve significantly upon this. They wouldn’t even make it to the Boot Camp on X-Factor at this rate. The usual Asian S.O.S = Style Over Substance.


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