Kaution – “Feeling You” (Featuring Trouble)

Bashment, Bhangra, Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, UK Asian

Score: 4.3

Kaution, hailing from Leicester, has been kicking around a good little while now. Whilst we appreciate the effort he’s clearly put into “Feeling You” it’s just not enough to save it from being a near car-crash of a song. Whilst there are positives – the chorus, language-switching and sequencing are all interesting – the lyrics are the primary downfall, where things are repeated too frequently, the lines don’t even rhyme and he honestly sounds worse than he did two years ago. Trying to cross over is harder than it seems: people think that “keeping it real” is tough and “commercial tracks” are easy, but there is a definite art to making radio-friendly tracks that is easy to imitate poorly, and incredibly difficult to master. The beat doesn’t work in harmony, and the Auto Tune is Out-of-Tune (doesn’t that negate the whole point?). This could have been a lot better if Kaution had asked for genuine feedback and assessment – unfortunately it ends up sounding like a solid idea that leaves the oven half-baked, raw and a bit soggy in the middle.


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