Panjabi Hit Squad – “Miss Soniyeh”

Bhangra, Dubstep, Hindi, House, Pop, R&B, Rap, UK Asian

Score: 6.2

A solid return from Panjabi Hit Squad, at least musically, as “Miss Soniyeh” provides suitable dancefloor fodder for the DJ crew to airhorn over. The two beats are the real stars here: the first is, admittedly, about 3 years too late but at least they’ve done a good job on the funky sound; the second is a lovely dubstep number that works incredibly well. The only let-down is the song-writing of whoever did the vocals – with too many words crammed in per line, plus a chorus that just pales in comparison to the former anthemic titans from PHS, it’s difficult to sing along to. Good, but a missed opportunity to craft a true banger. (PS – we deducted points for the “rapping” but added them again when the dubstep switch came along. Please, no more of that – there are a whole bunch of Asian MC’s out there that could do the job properly for you now).


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