The Truth – “Jaan Jayegi” (Featuring Mehi)

Bhangra, Hindi, Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Rap, UK Asian

Score: 7.0

The Truth is a complex artist to get a handle on. From all accounts, probably even himself, he’s not the greatest MC in the world. His lyrics need a certain tempo to shine, his flow ranges wildly and a year ago, one couldn’t really imagine him as a contender for “the crown” (which, right now, seems to be a cardboard one from Burger King). However, knowing your own limitations (see Gary Neville) can result in working harder than more naturally blessed rappers, and eventually overtaking them. In conjunction with Mentor and Bobby Wonda, The Truth seems to have an uncanny knack of providing the right song for the right audience at the right time. “Jaan Jayegi” is another example, a romantic rap song (very much in the vain of “Love the Way You Lie”) with a great chorus from Mehi, meaning that actually whatever The Truth spits is largely irrelevant – it’s already “job done” to a certain extent. We do think the tempo needs to be substantially quicker, as the MC is left with too much space and the flow doesn’t come across as tidy as it could have done, but this will get radio play, break new markets and please the girls. Even the really fussy ones.


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