Das Racist – “Michael Jackson”

F***ing Unclassifiable!!, Hindi, Hip Hop, Parody, Rap, USA

Score: 8.7

We’ve hitherto ignored Das Racist, for the simple fact that we wanted to see if they were actually going to take the extended joke seriously, and release an album. Now that “Relax” has dropped – buoyed by the excellent lead single “Michael Jackson” – it’s clear that these American boys have a lot to give. The incredible beat draws in a million different influences (there might even be the PS3 start-up sound at one point), plus they get the Dip Set piss-take pretty much dead-on. It’s a subtly funny epic, that is genuinely repeatable – not to mention, shit bangs. Of course, the humor is likely to go over many a head, but we suggest you do all you can to get in on the joke and just enjoy it all before it gets stale.


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