Shizzio – “Rainbow Tears” (Featuring Mopreme Shakur)

Hip Hop, Rap, RIP, UK Asian, USA

Score: 5.5

Following Shizzio’s career is becoming somewhat bewildering. Buried underneath that business savvy exterior lies a genuine talent waiting to burst out and take the world by storm. Yet, moves like this bizarre piggybacking of the Shakur family name just don’t sit well – it comes across as unoriginal, with Shizzio playing dress-up and clinging to a genuine fallen legend. The DJ Fricktion beat has a catchy enough chorus, but otherwise it’s lacking in depth, quality and resonance. The feature from Mopreme is a dialled-in orgy of cliches, though at least it sounds comfortable and professional enough. As for Shizzio, the lyrics are solid, his flow is decent, but – again – his vocals just don’t mesh well with the track. The hushed delivery only works well on the right instrumental and with the correct engineering, otherwise we strongly recommend he returns to his more OTT bombastic vocals of yore. We really want Shizzio to succeed, but so far it feels as though 2011 has been him getting things out of his system. He needs to be more focussed on producing classic music, not what might get him some “buzz.”


One thought on “Shizzio – “Rainbow Tears” (Featuring Mopreme Shakur)

  1. 2pac, as far as I know, is the deepest rapper that once lived on this earth. His music is very influental an can sometimes be resentful; but for someone talented as Shizzio to be given an outstanding privilege to tribute. Someone for his art should be given credit. His flow may not attached with the vocals but the thoughts and emotions behind it really count. Mopremes contribution to 2pacs tribute fascinates me to know he hasn’t forgotten his brother and gives him nothing but genuine unconditional love. The cliches do bother some but as long as the rappers made this tribute to keep 2pacs spirit alive, this song is worth listening to.

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