RKZ – “Gonna Be That (BURBAN Remix)”

Grime, Hip Hop, Remix, UK Asian, USA

Score: 7.4

Perhaps inspired by Swami Baracus’ successful upgrade of “Break This Game,” RKZ groups together most of the notable UK Asian – sorry, BURBAN – rappers (save for the bizarre omission of Shizzio) for a remix of “Gonna Be That.” It’s a traditional posse cut with a few notable talking points. AC leads off with his usual OTT flair, dropping a long and winding verse that works perfectly as the opener. RKZ follows, but doesn’t drop any new bars – a shame, as this suddenly seems subtly out of place. Surely on such a large scale remix, some fresh lyrics wouldn’t have gone amiss… Next up, probably the best feature of all – it’s nice to have MC’s like Swami Baracus that actually pay attention to lyrics, flow, breath control, multisyllabic rhymes… He straight bodies the track. We hear new stuff from Lost Souljah about as frequently as Lauryn Hill has babies – a shame, as she’s a distinctive spitter. Her verse here is deceptively good, but doesn’t seem to fit in as cleanly as most of the others. It’s difficult to explain, but her style is so unorthodox that it would almost be better to hear Souljah just on her own (this should be read as a bizarre and confused compliment). Raxstar’s verse is (unsurprisingly) good, hitting a particularly nice groove in the second half. Over-the-pond rapper Kaly holds the anchor position, and although he’s certainly a talented lyricist, his verse just doesn’t work in the slightest – the slowed down delivery is an anti-climax, and it isn’t helped by the sequencing. It probably would have been wiser to have placed Lost Souljah in the anchor position, but despite a few minor flaws, overall this should be considered a solid remix.


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