Sham D – “Forever”

Pop, R&B, UK Asian

Score: 4.9

To call this a “music video” does a great disservice to actual music video directors everywhere. The very fact that we first saw it on B4U Music was, in itself, shocking (the budget must barely have broken two figures) and it appears to be more of a commercial break extolling the benefits of using Michelin tyres. Needless to say, Sham D – the poor sod – doesn’t come across well at all, visually, and his “PR company” should feel ashamed. However, luckily you can close your eyes and just listen to the song, which is a bit better, and decent enough pop fare. It’s obviously very cheesy and Jay Seany, but it’s a “nice” track (whatever that means). Whilst the production is a bit too sparse, and the vocal effects overpowering, it’s well-written enough to mask the failings. Next time Sham D would probably be better off doing all the work himself, to be honest.


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