Prabus – “Akh De Pateya Nu”

Bhangra, UK Asian

Score: 8.3

To be perfectly honest, there are so many bhangra releases that it’s easy for a newcomer to fall between the cracks and go unnoticed (unless you’re as bad as Hardee). Prabus should certainly fit into this category, as his debut isn’t heavily marketed, it doesn’t have a glitzy video and he has a limited online presence. However, a few things help: firstly, “Akh De Pateya Nu” has been included on a couple of mixtapes (in fact we only know of it through the “UK Asian Mixtape” that Jesal released earlier this year); secondly, the track is superb. It’s not your typical wedding song, or even an Aman Hayer club banger – it’s just an intelligent, melodic and brilliantly produced song, one that functions on every level. Prabus has gone back to basics (actual instruments, shock horror!), resulting in an almost pure form of bhangra, one that was supposed to have been the natural conclusion to the evolution of the genre, but is more of an unfortunate rarity in today’s nonsensical market. A truly wonderful debut and one to keep an eye on.


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