Hardee – “Tere Naal”

Bhangra, UK Asian

Score: 0.3

It’s difficult to tell who hates the UK more. The rioters currently hell bent on destroying it; Carlos Tevez, with his pathological distaste of Manchester; or Soundpipe Records. There can be no other explanation, for surely this label is attempting to destroy the country from within. Why else would they enable and facilitate someone so clearly lacking in any kind of vocal ability – Hardee – to record this song and make a video? Just five seconds in, your ears start to bleed (if you’re that intent on blood loss, persist). It’s pure insanity, and one must wonder whether Soundpipe (who we initially thought was doing pretty well) has now just become an amoral cash venture, one that doesn’t even bother to actually vet tracks in the first place. This atonal nonsense is an aural offence, worthy of a Downing Street e-petition.


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