Shena – “Stuck in the Middle”

Pop, R&B, Soul, UK Asian

Score: 7.1

Shena is an artist that we’ve kept an eye on for a long time now, waiting for her to make a move. Here is her debut single, and whilst it doesn’t come with a video, it’s still worth bringing attention to. She has an excellent and incredibly pure voice – you can tell this because there’s a distinct lack of studio trickery in the verses – and she also knows not to overdo the melisma. That says a lot in this landscape, and Ramzi’s production on “Stuck in the Middle” is quite excellent, and relatively understated. It is somewhat lacking in oomph (this seems mostly down to the mixing/mastering) and it wouldn’t really work on the dancefloor without that extra kick. The punchline at the end of the chorus is somewhat obscured, too – though as a whole, the song works well, especially as a debut. It’s certainly a pleasant listen, hinting at a very promising future, and Shena should be proud, not to mention emboldened to move forward much more quickly now. The first step is the hardest, and it’s out of the way – there is nothing to fear.


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