Raxstar – “The Other Man” (Featuring RKZ)

Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Rap, UK Asian

Score: 5.3

Whilst we are wary of judging “The Other Man” too quickly (“Jaaneman” took a while to grow into the classic that it is), we feel more confident in airing our disappointment with the new effort from Raxstar. On a basic level, any modern song must function on certain levels: the beat, chorus, lyrics. Sometimes, a bit of magic can confuse the issue and mask certain qualities, but everything is lacking here. The instrumental from Sunit is solid enough, but it doesn’t mesh well with the RKZ chorus (which is decent but doesn’t carry the song forward). We’ve received truckloads of hate mail for criticising him on a couple of more recent efforts, but Raxstar’s poor flow really sounds out-of-sync. Where “Jaaneman” was wonderfully focussed, with the Luton MC completely locked on, this genuinely sounds rushed and half-baked (even the mixing/mastering sounds off). That won’t stop girls from hearting it (or guys from being hypnotised by the stunning Emma Singh in the video) but it’s definitely a below-par follow up.


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