Swami Baracus – “The Recipe”

Hip Hop

Score: 8.2

Take one soulful beat (by Zaheer), one concept (cooking) and a fired up rapper. Mix them all into a clever video (by Panchenko). Put on the hob, simmer for 4m37s… The result should be a tasty pure hip hop treat, courtesy of Swami Baracus, who has never sounded better. He takes the cooking analogy to a lengthy extreme (perhaps too far for the average listener’s taste) but the hip hop community will eat this up. This is probably the most accomplished instrumental we’ve ever heard from Zaheer: it functions on every level, and to be perfectly honest, even we didn’t think he had it in him (and we’ve rated him highly all along). The keys, percussion, melodies, even the intro – this is top notch stuff. As for Swami, his lyrics stick firmly to the kitchen, and he explores every possible nook and cranny – so much so that the chorus is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it affair until the “Stir It Up, Son!” grabs your attention. Swami Baracus looks and sounds magnificent on “The Recipe” and, as he divulged in his recent interview with us, his forthcoming mixtape (of the same name) should be musically/lyrically comparable to the title track. Let’s hope so.


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