Avina Shah – “Dil Deewana” (Featuring Blaze Blackheart & B-Sing)

Dance, Hindi, Pop, R&B, Rap, UK Asian

Score: 4.9

It’s hard to escape the feeling that “Dil Deewana” is the end result of a hen-weekend, where Avina Shah is the lucky bride-to-be, and her genius maid of honour realised Shah’s wildest dreams would be fulfilled by an all-in-one studio/video package. It all turns out to be both cynical and amateurish in equal measure. The beat sounds about six years too late; the guest rapper (Blaze Blackheart – yes, seriously) sounds like he only took up rapping because he lost a dare at work; the video is appallingly capped off by Shah’s bizarre penchant for involuntary head movements; and the lyrics are the epitome of clichĂ©, in every way. The saving grace is a strong chorus which works extremely well. To be fair, the singer has also displayed a clear vocal improvement since her debut. Which is nice.


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