Sam Khan – “So Many Dreams” (Featuring Miski & Desperado)

Grime, Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, UK, UK Asian

Score: 7.1

It’s funny. If you heard Rimshox’s instrumental on Sam Khan’s new track, not to mention one of his other recent efforts “Back To My Old Ways,” you wouldn’t think that much of it. If you heard Sam Khan’s acapella, that probably wouldn’t grab you either. However, put them together and it just works. It’s wonderful when an MC and their producer have an obvious synergy, and each knows how to subtly get the best out of one another. The track doesn’t court attention in the blistering fashion of BTMOW, mainly due to the diluting of Khan’s involvement (thanks to a weird guest verse from Miski and an excellently earthy contribution from Desperado). All in all, it’s a very solid track, though not quite up to the level of his two previous efforts. However, it’s all a bit perplexing why Khan didn’t just make another 3 songs and turn the EP into an album. It is already a quantum leap forward from his mixtape-which-was-practically-an-LP “Only One Me” and the rapper now needs to continue his expansion, and add some true genial artistry to his mix. If any of the current generation of Asian MC’s could truly “make it,” it is most likely to be Sam Khan.

So Many Dreams - Sam Khan


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