Aman Hayer – “Hai Oye” (Featuring Benny Dhaliwal)

Bhangra, UK Asian

Score: 5.9

Aman Hayer is obviously guilty of repetition, only varying each song by the minimal amount humanly possible… However, as long as people respond positively, he will continue to get away with it. Therefore, it’s fair to summise that criticising Hayer for creating his rigid form of bhangra is like frowning upon a dog chasing a frisbee – it is clearly what he was born to do, and neither the singer nor the canine are going to change their ways anytime soon. “Hai Oye” is straightforward: the same instrumentation as usual, plus the identikit verse/break/chorus/bridge etc. So, by his own standards, how does it fare? Decent enough to keep the momentum going, but by no means a classic. No further explanation necessary.

Hai Oye - The Entourage


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