Rishi – “Club Scene”

Dance, Hindi, House, Pop, R&B, UK Asian

Score: 4.1

Whenever a track features production from Kam Frantic, it’s usually a pretty safe bet. However, for every rule there must be an exception, and “Club Scene” valiantly strives to be it. It’s a song that has various merits, but none of them join together to provide a cohesive listen, aside from about thirty seconds in the middle. Firstly, take Rishi, who has a decent enough voice but no chance when the lyrics are this clunky (think every cliché in the book, with too many words for each line). The chorus is at odds with the rest of the concept, and even the production – whilst sounding thoroughly professional – is lacking melody or a truly compelling percussive rhythm. Except for those previously mentioned thirty seconds – that’s when someone called Nasa (unseen in the video) sings beautifully in Hindi, and it suddenly sounds really good. This is a debut track, so of course there always lies room for growth, but Rishi must try much harder next time.

Club Scene - Single - Rishi


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