RKZ – “Gonna Be That”

Dubstep, Grime, Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, UK Asian, Video

Score: 7.2

Thanks to the video, it’s quite hard to tell what the new RKZ joint “Gonna Be That” is actually like. Firstly, it edits out the swear words, and there is a lot of swearing. Secondly, although it is quite funny and creative, the visuals are somewhat self-indulgent – the “Jaaneman” part feels like it goes on forever – and thus, unfortunately, the rhythm of the song is entirely truncated. Three times, in fact. Of course, the video has nothing to do with the score you see above – it’s just that it takes a lot of concentration to get the feel of what the song is supposed to be like. ADP provides a pretty hot dubstep beat, with clattering synths bouncing off one another like patients in a padded cell (bizarrely enough, however, we almost prefer the beat at the very beginning); RKZ deliberately delivers a completely OTT braggadocio chorus, with an impressive rat-a-tat flow switching lanes with a more Rick Ross-baiting one. In the third verse, he states that he’s the “greatest” but on Twitter, he inserted numerous caveats into the statement: why? Sure, for political reasons, it’s understandable, but believing you’re the “best” in the rap game is part of the fun, and he shouldn’t feel the need to downplay his own achievements (plus everybody takes what MC’s say with a pinch of salt, anyway). All things considered, it’s not a truly stellar moment but another incredibly measured move that keeps RKZ’s star in ascendency.


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