Skepta – “Asian Girl” (Featuring Chipmunk & Shizzio)

Bhangra, Grime, Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, UK, UK Asian

Score: 5.2

A track that stoked up a bit of “controversy” – which in 2011 basically means a few dozen people bickering on social media – found Skepta releasing “Asian Girl” featuring Chipmunk. Shizzio decided to make an unofficial remix, sandwich himself between the two (that sounds wrong) and release it. So whilst Shizzio is not officially endorsed, he claims to have had their blessing. Setting aside everything else, let us address the various aspects of this number: firstly, the beat is excellent, with a catchy-as-hell flute melody searing into your brain, and percussion/synths all working in harmony. The chorus, delivered by Chipmunk, is brash, cocky and suits the song perfectly. Now, we get to the verses. Up first is Skepta, who seems to have damaged his reputation beyond repair (thanks to his recent stint in pornography) – his verse is as corny as you’d expect, complete with off-point references, and his voice is completely lacking in charisma. Shizzio’s verse is average, not dissimilar to Skepta’s nonsense, actually. Only Chipmunk emerges with any credit, and you kind of wish he’d just done the whole song himself and put it on “Transition.” As for the more inflammatory aspects: well, Skepta is currently a joke figure who will (literally) do anything for fame; Shizzio makes an ill-advised reference to a Hindu deity; Asian fans complain, and some of the more hardcore element start their usual racist mud-slinging. So nothing new to report there, then.


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