Bonafide – “I Came To Party”

Bhangra, UK Asian

Score: 4.8

Featuring a “different” video from all the other “generic” videos (gosh, don’t they all say that nowadays?), the definition of “different” in the Bonafide Dictionary appears to be: go to Italy; get picked up by two Italian girls (like that ever happens); film a “casting couch” session; try to get in there, only to discover they are in fact call girls; then film the filming of the filming of the video. Their hiring of those aforementioned prostitutes would certainly explain why the “big budget video” looks so cheap and bizarre (that’s obviously where the euros went). Yet, it is strangely hypnotic, as is “I Came To Party” – which is virtually inexplicable. The production is as sparse as an ’03 Neptunes joint, yet without the stripped down charm. The singing is generally awful and heavily sponsored by studio software. The lyrics are repetitive. Yet it is miraculously saved from the jaws of despair by a half-decent (or at least, crudely effective) chorus. To be honest, the UK Asian music scene has progressed so far, we didn’t realise that artists still made music like this from such a bygone era.

I Came to Party - Came To Party


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