Ayo – “Miracle (Asian Remix)” (Featuring Sam Khan, Redzz & The Truth)

Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, Remix, UK, UK Asian

Score: 6.9

Despite these kind of remixes not traditionally functioning brilliantly, the “Miracle (Asian Remix)” actually works bizarrely well. Whilst the chorus is pretty bare bones stuff not even worth dwelling on, the real stars are three of the four rappers, and an extremely competent beat (with Timbaland/Danja written all over it, but in a good way). Ayo kicks things off with a great introductory verse, attacking it with real verve and panache. Sam Khan follows and makes sure the level doesn’t drop, sounding incredibly relaxed and in control. Redzz is third up, and the start of his portion isn’t promising – but he ends up delivering something different and entirely welcome, as his mix of singing/rapping functions admirably. Unfortunately, The Truth – in the anchor position – drops the baton in the home straight with a particularly weak and simplistic sixteen not in keeping with the other trio (he’s usually better than this). As remixes go, however, this is most certainly an above average offering from Ayo.


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