Jay Sean – “Where Do We Go”

Pop, R&B, Soul, UK Asian, USA, Video

Score: 8.8

When you’re an artist at Jay Sean’s “level” you have pretty much surpassed all your peers, in terms of fame/money/reach etc. The problem arises when you become blinkered, and become reliant on the same formula that worked well enough last time. What happens when that methodology just doesn’t work anymore? You have to honestly question where you’re at, and try to figure out the next move. It’s gotten to that point in Jay Sean’s career, and it’s also the crux of “Where Do We Go” – his beautiful new end-of-relationship ballad. The slow build acoustic guitar – there’s virtually no percussion until two thirds into the three and half minute track – is pitch perfect, as are Jay’s hitherto underused vocals (he stays on the finer side of melisma when handling those soaring melodies). The video betrays the hidden meaning of “Where Do We Go” – it environmentally appears to be about his relationship with music – and almost every aspect of it is handled with care and dignity, coupled with a simmering sense of frustration. It’s the kind of open, honest, emotionally complex song that we weren’t sure Jay Sean still had in him. But it’s here, and it’s pretty stunning.


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