DJ H – “Billo Nach Nach Ke” (Featuring Geeta Zaildar)

Bhangra, UK Asian

Score: 7.2

Following hot on the heels of another recently impressive bhangra track (“Dupatta”), DJ H follows suit with a relatively straightforward effort, albeit given a welcome and subtle twist. That predominantly comes via some throaty vocals, courtesy of Geeta Zaildar, who sings with a truly visceral, almost gutteral verve on “Billo Nach Nach Ke.” The production is played with a particularly straight bat, however, meaning that the lack of the organic warmth, not to mention the (slightly) underwhelming melody, are lost opportunities to add another dimension. But it doesn’t detract too much from a song that succeeds – mostly, thanks to Zaildar – in what it sets out to achieve: act as an effective and joyful dance number.

Billo Nach Nach Ke (feat. Geeta Zaildar) - Single - DJ H


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