Kee – “Jaaneman – Part 2” (Featuring Raxstar)

Hindi, Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Rap, Remix, Soul, UK Asian

Score: 7.2

There are so many interesting openings into “Jaaneman – Part 2” that it seems almost perverse to start with someone who has nothing to do with it at all. Yet aside from the witty freestyles and Twitter rants (although he’s sadly currently in self-imposed “#TwitterJail” right now), it’s easy to forget that Jesal is also a pretty great DJ. His “UK Asian Mixtape Volume I” ( was an unselfish attempt to shine a light on his peers, and – tellingly – he opened up with Raxstar’s original version of “Jaaneman” but stopped it after a verse, reloaded, and perfectly mixed it with the instrumental of “My Love” by Justin Timberlake. Suddenly it all made sense: the BPM and sequencing was identical (we obsessively checked ourselves). Clearly, someone else in the Raine Records camp cottoned on to a potential vocal number as well, and persuaded Sunit/Raxstar to rubber-stamp this version, driven by Kee (who subtly transformed the original). Despite sounding essentially the same, it has an almost entirely different feel: for one, it’s longer, allowing more breathing space for Sunit’s instrumental; but it’s also, well, longer, which unfortunately dilutes that excellent chorus a touch too much. The sequel is even more melodramatic, and this time Raxstar returns the favour of balancing out the tone with a well-written verse, sure, but truly totemic delivery (he really is on fire right now, with a quiet authority leaving him peerless). Whilst “Part 2” could have been a touch better/tighter (the pre-chorus in particular weighs the song down at times) this, even more than the original, is a song that demands you listen with feeling, not thought.


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