Blitzkrieg – “Dil Laghi” (Featuring Choclair & Rafaqat Ali Khan)

Canadian, Hip Hop, R&B, Rap

Score: 5.2

Sometimes a song can have everything in place in order to make it a success: a beat from a great producer (Mentor); a wonderful chorus (courtesy of Rafaqat Ali Khan); a guest to add a different dimension (Choclair); and a well-handled subject matter (not entirely typical love song). But, for various reasons, “Dil Laghi” by Blitz/Blitzkrieg (even we are confused as to what to call him now) just doesn’t work as it should. Firstly, that beat: it makes for great background music, but it just doesn’t grab your attention firmly enough, instead choosing non-descript R&B. Then, we have the guest verse from Choclair, which isn’t a great fit – it’s not bad by any means, but it’s overlong and out of place. The chorus is lovely, but the mixing/mastering doesn’t bring it out enough, bizarrely not making the most of it. And Blitz isn’t up to his usual standard, almost like subconsciously even he’s not feeling it that much, or just plain coasting. It’s a shame, but maybe the thoroughly average “Dil Laghi” is an example of when an artist chooses to play it safe, instead of taking a risk and going for broke.


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