Raxstar – “Dhalsim”

Hindi, Hip Hop, Rap, UK Asian

Score: 5.4

Buoyed by his various recent successes, be it “Jaaneman” or the numerous female-friendly features that he always seems to deliver on, you get the feeling on the unimaginative “Dhalsim” that Raxstar feels need to overcompensate in displaying his masculine, aggressive, Battle MC side. Or maybe that’s complicating things, and he simply just doesn’t do it very well. It’s the kind of Indiany beat and Indiany concept of Dhalsim (from the Street Fighter series of video games) that uneasily appears to bait the treacherous straits of “The Bobby Friction Show” and such. If we look at other rappers in the game right now: Swami Baracus is funny/lyrical like Big Daddy Kane; Shizzio is clearly a fan of Tupac; Sam Khan was Eminem, is now Drake; AG Dolla is Phonte; RKZ seems to want to sing more than rap. And what about Raxstar? It’s clear from day one that he has consciously positioned himself as Common. Now, Common is one of those that made his case for greatness so clear (“Resurrection” and “Like Water For Chocolate”) that whenever he deviated from it, the fans cried foul (“Electric Circus” and “Universal Mind Control”). Raxstar is running a similar risk of being pigeon-holed, and he particularly seems to struggle when overthinking how to make a commercial splash (hence why the simple and genuine “Jaaneman” actually worked). Regardless of everything else, this is a poor beat/chorus with some decent lyrics and disappointing delivery.


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