DJ Rags – “Dupatta”

Bhangra, DJ, UK Asian

Score: 8.1

Aside from DJ Rags proving beyond any kind of doubt that DJ’s can’t dance, he’s come correct with “Dupatta” – a well-timed summer anthem, and an oasis in a desert of “typical Bhangra tunes.” Featuring the vocals of Sudesh Kumari and Meet Malkit, forgive the Apple Keynote-ism but everything just works. Musically, it’s subtle, organic and possesses a beautiful rhythm. The vocals are the usual back-and-forth between the male and female leads, but they are handled excellently and with finesse. Finally, the sequencing and pacing of it all means that it has a narrative arc, knows when to accelerate/brake and, most importantly, it trusts the listener. Whether this will stand the test of time is obviously down to the Gods of Bhangra, but for now the result is a top notch effort that you can listen to via headphones, kit car or club – that’s rare praise indeed.

Dupatta (feat. Sudesh Kumari & Meet Malkit) - Single - DJ Rags


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