Outlandish – “TriumF”

Dance, Hip Hop, House, Pop, R&B, Rap, Soul

Score: 8.7

When Outlandish debuted “TriumF” at the UK AMA’s a few months ago, there was an awful lot of head-scratching, angry tweeting and condemnation at the direction the trio had taken. And that was just about the Matrix suits they were wearing. It says a lot that they’ve managed to connect so deeply with a wide audience over the years, and as soon as they turn to electronica – still unfairly perceived as an emotionally disconnecting genre – that the fans cried foul. But we here at SuperCritic thought it brave, sure, but incredibly measured – the Danes have evolved, yet it is still all about the song. So you should know that “TriumF” is the definition of a killer track. The production is percussive, forming a foundation for the teasing and undulating synths. The verses have a much-needed hint of melody to balance out their inspirational lyrics. Finally, that chorus: it’s simply perfect. People universally connected to “Aicha” for so many reasons, but that doesn’t mean that “TriumF” is any less worthy. In fact, it’s so well conceived, constructed and delivered that a lot of listeners could possibly end up preferring it. Superb.

TriumF feat. Providers - Single - Outlandish


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