Arjun – “Stargazer” (Featuring Raxstar)

Pop, R&B, Rap, Soul, UK Asian

Score: 8.2

Sometimes, in the life of a music fan, you just want to preserve a moment forever. “Stargazer” – the latest effort from young R&B singer Arjun – is one of them. Right now, he’s on the cusp: he can sing, dance, he’s good-looking and confident. But he’s also down to earth, entirely affable and choosing the right songs to release. This time, it’s about his greatest love affair: music. Sure, he has to fit a girl into the content, but the feel of the track is much more about true ambition, not just fame-chasing. The lovely, lilting guitar instrumental; the understated, multi-layered chorus; Raxstar’s perfect guest verse… It all contributes to a truly persuasive four and a half minutes. It may end up being the case that Raine Records are unwittingly grooming him for a major label to lap up the profit, hence why this beautiful period in Arjun’s career should be preserved, no matter what. But forget about all that for now… For whilst so many of us gaze at the stars, Arjun is quietly becoming one.

Stargazer (feat. Raxstar) - Single - Arjun


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