Illmatik – “Tere Ishq”

Bhangra, Dance, F***ing Unclassifiable!!, Hip Hop, Parody, R&B, Rap, RIP, UK Asian

Score: 3.4

Aside from the unspeakable sin of being called “Illmatik” – sheer sacrilege, especially once you’ve heard him “rap” – this new effort “Tere Ishq” is an ill-informed assault on music as an ideal. Clearly, Illmatik deserves a bonus mark for showing up to the exam and writing his (ridiculous) name on the answer paper. But every other aspect is a complete fail. His lyrics/flow/voice are a waste of time and, truth be told, if you remove him from this song, the beat and the chorus would probably sound an awful lot better. It’s just a complete car-crash for virtually everybody involved, and how some people can convince others to get on board with their “project” is continually baffling. Someone needs to make Illmatik improve, or just make him stop. This is benefitting nobody. (FYI this review is rather more polite than the comments on his YouTube videos).


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