Offlicence – “Ghaint Patola”

Bhangra, Rap, UK Asian

Score: 5.3

Everything about “Ghaint Patola” – the latest single from Offlicence – screams blunt, derivative, ridiculous, typical BUT effective. The production by J-Ice displays no innovation. The “MC” appears to have been plucked from a random hairdresser and taught to rap from scratch in about half an hour. The video is the usual Brit Asia fare (thoroughly professional, entirely dull). Vocally, expect lashings of Auto Tune – a shame, as the the verses/chorus are good fun, but dulled by the studio effect. So why so effective? Well, like many a track from the last few years, it successfully apes “Groundshaker” and the like. Which apparently equates to success. So basically, if you’re drunk and on the dancefloor, this will keep you moving: the sum total of Offlicence’s ambitions.


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