Shizzio – “Live for the Moment”

Hip Hop, Mixtape, Rap, UK Asian, Uncategorized

Score: 6.2

A somewhat bewildering choice from Shizzio. Following the Wiley beef, not to mention co-signs from Jay Sean, plus features on numerous ladder-climbing opportunities, you’d have rather hoped that he would step it up and come with something big. But “Live for the Moment” is more intent on closing the first chapter of his career, which culminates in another free mixtape (this time, cherrypicking his best moments). It makes perfect sense, as does almost everything Shizzio does, so fair enough if it is a personal favourite. But the song itself is, unfortunately, let down by a coasting (though melodic) effort from Moghul, and a particularly weak chorus. The verses, however, are excellent: Shizzio is gaining in confidence as a lyricist, his flow is tight and he’s one of the few Asian rappers to have grasped the basic tenets of hip hop. The general feeling seems to be that Shizzio’s voice has been his downfall, but most rappers face similar difficulties and eventually power through. He does, it must be said, garble his words a bit, and needs to accentuate a touch more. Regardless, you get the feeling that he’s really focussing on his album, and “Live for the Moment” is a way to keep him on the radar.


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