Swami Baracus – “Break This Game (Allstar Remix)”

Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, Remix, Rock, UK Asian

Score: 7.4

It’s extremely telling that Swami Baracus has released a remix of “Break This Game” more than six months after releasing the original. Back then, you may recall, it had a certain appeal but we felt it was disjointed and that Baracus, in particular, didn’t deliver on the lyrics (he’s certainly a far more capable MC than that). We also stated that he’d seemingly “disowned” it already, and this power-move remix certainly seeks to address the previous misgivings. What’s the change, then? Primarily, it’s an HR decision where the personnel have been drafted in to form a mammoth guest list: Sam Khan, RKZ, AG Dolla, AC & “Rowdy Brown” (we won’t spoil that for you). So how do they fare? Well, it takes humility to admit you basically fucked up first time round, and Swami Baracus absolutely destroys his opening verse with genuine aplomb. Sure, each MC only spits 8 bars, but his in particular is technical/venomous in equal measure (as it should be), meaning he easily walks away with the track. Khan does well too, as does AG Dolla. AC is solid but rather more self-promotional; RKZ has okay lyrics but makes up for it with brilliant delivery. But the six MC’s all combine well to make it a far more interesting listen. As usual, Kazz Kumar turns up, looks pretty, tries to sing and waltzes off – but, in her defence, they should surely have taken the original chorus vocals out to give her space, as she can’t really be blamed for such a clash. All in all, it takes guts to re-do a track in this fashion, and credit where it is due – Swami Baracus has made a series of excellent decisions the second time round. Much, much better.


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