Junai Kaden – “Aaja Mere Naal” (Featuring Mumzy Stranger)

Dance, Hindi, Hip Hop, House, Pop, Rap, UK Asian

Score: 6.4

Mumzy Stranger’s youngling, Junai Kaden, makes his debut with “Aaja Mere Naal.” Let’s cut to the chase here: if it wasn’t for the brilliant Guetta-esque percussion, this track would be average, without character or much substance. But oh, those drums… They transform the steady flow of cliches into something much more worthwhile. Whilst it’s too soon to tell if Junai (can we politely suggest that he drops the “Kaden” part, as it simply doesn’t work?) can actually sing, thanks to the lashings of Auto Tune, it’s altogether just a very solid, albeit vanilla, debut. The only risk on there is Mumzy’s short guest verse where he rhymes “tango” with “mango” and innovatively rounds it all off with “Rambo.” Yes, seriously. Consider this predictable industry nonsense saved by the beat.

Aaja Mere Naal - Single - Junai Kaden


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