Jay Sean – “Hit the Lights” (Featuring Lil Wayne)

Dance, Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Rap, UK Asian, USA, Video

Score: 6.1

Jay Sean had a polite, media-trained rant during one of his acceptance speeches at the UK AMA’s a few weeks back. In it, he stated that he knew Asians don’t like to spend money, but they needed to, in order to have a product that can sit comfortably alongside the big-budget offerings. This, of course, is undeniable. However, how many artists have access to those kinds of funds? It is a genuine struggle, and whilst it is entirely true that the whole club/girls/cars treatment has been done (literally) a thousand times over, why is the video for “Hit the Lights” so devoid of novelty? The video actually looks pretty poor, and kind of (dare we say it) on-the-cheap. Jay’s dancing is terrible and he doesn’t convey much confidence. Whilst, of course, we aren’t rating the visuals, it does indeed highlight the problem the currently sits with Jay Sean: he is a trailblazer, a consummate performer and a thorough professional. These may not sound like problems, but read between the lines – he is a performer that seems to have virtually no interest in making innovative, trailblazing music. “Hit the Lights” is decent radio fodder, successfully apeing Taio Cruz in almost every way. The beat, in particular, is urgent and melodic in equal measure (with a brilliant dubstep breakdown, hence the length). But it’s just all so professional, and that’s the absolute limit to Jay Sean’s depressingly low ambitions. FYI Lil Wayne phones in a half-decent sixteen. It will probably make the Top 20 on the Billboards. And that’s it.


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