Kee – “It’s Over”

Dance, Hindi, House, Pop, R&B, UK Asian

Score: 8.1

Kee returns with her second single, “It’s Over” – an absolutely superb effort that dovetails quite brilliantly with intelligent, well-paced production from Arjun. Whilst her debut (“Crazy”) was a fun way to start, this single means business. It’s excellently sequenced, with breathing space allowed to give resonance, prior to a chorus that implores and empowers in equal measure. It’s well written, delivered pitch-perfectly and is, unfortunately, probably going to be a completely unheralded gem of a pop song. Right, so aside from all that, are we to believe that Kee was dating this Tillek guy in the video – you know, the one who gets it badly – and that Arjun knew that said bloke was two-timing Kee? WITH RANI?!?! The musical/business partner of Kee (Raine Records!!). Scandal… Underestimate this single – and Kee’s penchant for revenge/violence – at your peril, for this is top notch stuff. It is lesson in how to pen penetrating pop, and has transformed Kee into an artist to firmly keep tabs on.


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