Caravan Crookz – “Bhangra Video”

Bhangra, Dance, Diss, Hip Hop, Parody, Rap, UK Asian, Video

Score: 4.8

“Those who lack imagination cannot imagine what is lacking.” This is true. However, we still can’t imagine where the fuck Caravan Crookz are heading with this, and what the point of it all is. Apart from the easiest of targets – c’mon, seriously, Bhangra videos?? – we find them preaching that “half of these waste-cats look stoned.” But really, it comes across as if they themselves are trying to make subversive stoner music. Or, even worse, this may well be their attempt to break into television (in the vein of “Trexx & Flipside”). Either way, it just feels like Swami Baracus would be better off trying to save this music for his own album, so either do it better or kill off this vanity project for a while. Parody works best when placing your comedic microscope over the hilarious minutae of life that everybody else has missed – this just sounds like a conversation over sheesha with Brit Asia on in the background.


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