Shizzio – “Ethnic Banta (Wiley Diss)”

Diss, Grime, Rap, UK Asian

What’s beef? Well, take a pinch of Twitter misunderstandings, a dollop of racism and a pot of opportunity: what do you get? Diss records. After the insane way in which this whole Wiley fiasco has been handled – which says more about the greed of the radio/awards show that want to reward him, so they get the ratings – Shizzio has had enough, and issues a clarion call for everyone to unite and show Wiley up for what he really is. The truth of the matter is that 99% of British Asians are peaceful people, that don’t want to get caught up in all this nonsense (that’s paraphrasing our parents). But if Shizzio was going to go in on Wiley, he had to do it properly – otherwise, he would potentially embarrass his entire race. The result is “Ethnic Banta” – a strong diss record that may not go down in the annals of history, up their with “Hit ‘Em Up” or “Ether,” but does a pretty effective job. Wisely, Shizzio takes on the heart of the issue – Wiley’s ignorance – and brings in themes such as unity and not promoting racism. As a song, though, it must be said that “Ethnic Banta” is merely good as opposed to great. The beat, structure and reach seem a touch rushed, which is a bit of a shame. More importantly, however, after receiving approval from Jay Sean himself, the wiser heads are just hoping that this doesn’t escalate into an irreversible situation.


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