Shawn Stackz – “Spin”

Dance, Pop, R&B, USA

Score: 4.9

There is an undeniable visceral energy to the latest effort from Shawn Stackz. “Spin” is an urgent, feisty number that has a bang-you-over-the-head immediacy to it. The chorus is decent too. But after that, you start to wonder what on earth is going on. Symptomatic of the appalling lyrics are musings about how he wants to “put the girl on his tab” at the bar. The video director took it upon themselves to set some cars on fire, and dress the girls in firemen outfits. The vocals are awful, even with Auto Tune turned up to the max. Whilst there are appealing facets to this song, it is delivered in such a way as to highlight virtually everything that is wrong with the modern day music industry. This is surely just one of the many warnings we are starting to receive that yes, the world is actually going to end in 2012.


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