Horizon – “Down”

Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, UK Asian

Score: 4.4

It’s not often that we here at SuperCritic will say this, but Horizon needs to stop making videos for a while. He’s clearly a young chap with great passion, and even his direction isn’t all that bad, but he should take some time out and dedicate himself to improving virtually everything about his art. “Down” has a lovely mid-tempo beat, sounding incredibly crisp, but it’s is almost entirely ruined by Horizon and his lyrics/rapping/singing. It’s a real shame, because he’s trying to do something different here, weaving a worthy morality tale. Displaying that ambition is laudable, but he’s just nowhere near the level required yet, and he’d honestly be better off just (quite literally) saving his money, and building up a collection of great songs whilst focussing on his multiple weak areas. How this one slipped through the net, we shall never know, but it’s a memorable lesson: just because you have good intentions, that doesn’t automatically make your song any good.


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