King Roti – “Ek Sapna (A Dream)”

Bhangra, Canadian, Hindi, Hip Hop, R&B, Rap

Score: 7.5

“Ek Sapna” is, effectively, “King Roti does Truth Hurts” – that’s not a criticism, the SkoshaMuzik beat is an absolute banger and it works very well (even the breakdown). Once again, however, despite having a decent video, that beat and a solid concept, Roti undermines it all with his middling rap ability. Everything about him screams “average” and it’s unfortunate, as he seems to understand the music industry remarkably well. It’s also a shame that his lyrics and subject matter are so rehashed, though he at least delivers the second verse with a bit more gusto. This could have been a truly top notch song with a bit more attention to detail. Or if Sinister had one of the verses. That’s not to say this song doesn’t have many qualities, however. Ek Sapna (A Dream) - King Roti


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