Shawn Stackz – “Gotta Ball”

Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, USA, Video

Score: 5.2

It’s not that Shawn Stackz, hailing from somewhere in the USA, is bad. He looks the part. The ridiculous over-production ensures that his vocals remain in (auto) tune. The video is predictable but glossy. No, it’s just the his lyrics are so over-the-top insane that he entirely ruins what could have been a joyful, let’s all celebrate together anthem. Instead, he seemingly repeats the word “money” over and over again until it eventually rhymes with something, he blows $100,000 at a bar (oh, really?) and it’s just wannabe American blockbuster “music” for a generation where talent means nothing anymore. Unless he really is rich. In which case, hey, well done on all the cash.


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