Avina Shah – “Tere Bina”

Hindi, Pop, UK Asian

Score: 4.6

Avina Shah represents so much of what is both good and bad about the UK Asian music artists currently doing the rounds. The good: there is a noble, touching concept (domestic violence) to “Tere Bina”; the video is actually rather visually appealing; the backing music is decent, and sounds professional. After that, however, things start to fall apart. Her voice lacks any real confidence, and her singing range is extremely limited (at times, she’s not even in time with the beat); the song sounds half-written; nothing grabs you in any way. And this is the point – so much just seems to be style over substance. The fact of the matter is that “Tere Bina” is an average song, poorly sung, with a lush but repetitive video. There is no doubt that Avina Shah’s heart is in the right place – and anything that raises awareness or money for charity is worthy – but that has little to do with whether the song is any good.


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